What is Return to Player at NetEnt?

The return to player refers to the percentage which is player is expected to win after entering into the slot machine. It is important to understand the RTP rate before proceeding to wagering your money. It reflects on the total payout with your winnings as at https://www.netentcasinos.money .

What’s the Difference Between RTP and Hit Frequency?

The main secret behind the Return to Player rate is that it presents a flip side of the house edge. In case the casino has sets its house advantage at 20%, it means that the return to player rate is at 80%.

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  • Have a mathematical calculation of house advantage

On another other hand, hit frequency refers to the number of times with which the machine will stop at a winning combination. You should note that the slot machines allow for players to bet on multiple wins with each spin on the wheel.

RTP and Short Term Losing Streaks

Why are you still incurring a losing streak even after figuring out the RTP rate for the chosen slot game? It is important to note that the RTP rate is based over time. It means that once you get your timing right you will win.

However, with poor timing, it is common to run into long losing streaks with the particular slot game. Unfortunately, there is no chance of knowing when the machine is going to stop at a winning combination. This makes slots a game of chance.


Why is the RPT Important to a Player?

Basically, the RTP is part of the long term statistical advantage which a specific slot game has over you. In essence, the RTP operates as the house edge common with other casino games. However, the house edge, in this case, operates in reverse.

When the RTP is higher, it means that the house edge is lower at the online casino. Due to the competitive nature of the gambling industry, many sites are offering high RTP’s. This ensures there are high payout percentages for players at the casino.

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Understanding RTP and Variance

As a player, you should not only pay attention to the RTP rates, the variance bears equal importance on your winning chances at the casino. Theoretically, the higher the RTP rate, the lower the chances of losing your money over a period of time.

With variance, it dictates the type of payout that is expected from a type of slot machine. A slot that features a high variance means that the pay out is less frequent but assures high payouts after the player wins at the casino.

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  • Mind the bet sizes

What About RTP and RNG’s?

When considering the winning and losing chances of slots machines, it is important to deal with the random number generator. The RNG refers to the written code as part of the game’s architecture that allows for the generation of random numbers by the slot.

The RNG coincides with the RTP even though the numbers generated are random at the online casino. It is designed in a manner by the developer that ensures that the slots are developed in a manner that permits the desired RTG from the slot machines.